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Generation Young

Networking EVENT - 

NOV 19, 2016

Los Angeles,


Maesyn Musing

Phil Crosby Jr.

Nora Germain


One of the greatest American treasures from one of the most legendary American families of musicians Phil Crosby Jr.,

amazing violin player Nora Germain, and

extraordinary talented Maesyn Musing. 


* Social Media Strategist, Julianne Barbas,  who traveled to 37 countries, while she managed to gain a profound understanding of her personal brand that revolves around travel and empowering women!

Agnes Muljadi, LA based vegan ballerina and social media influencer that collaborated with more than 130 brands including Amazon, NFL, Starbucks, Macy's, True Religion, Reebok, Banana Republic, and many others.

Rebecca Cherry, the creator of the Follow Your Heart Certified Courses, Workshops, and Retreats. Rebecca is an expert on topics of living a life full of passion and purpose. She is the author of 'Notes from the Universe’, and ‘Follow Your Heart, It’s Smarter Than You Think’.

Her newest book, 'Your Energetic Immune System; How to Navigate a World That is Constantly on the Move’ is due in 2016.

Agather and Jean-Baptiste Bonavia  - guests from France who are on their 6 months road trip in USA --- they will be sharing their impressions!

Don't forget to bring your creativity with you, dear friends! as you will have an opportunity to create your own emoji with the help of our amazing artists Olga Hofmann and Wawi Amasha!

Wawi Amasha is a cultural ambassador from Africa, one of the founders of Activate Afrika, an activist movement and global network aimed at engaging people in elevating the dignity and visibility of the African People to celebrate and heal the continent.

Olga Hofman is a Russian - German artist residing in LA. Her work is exhibited in numerous galleries around the world. 
Her Commissioned artwork was officially presented in the “Museum und Sammlung Katharina II in Zerbst, Germany, during celebration of the 250–year Coronation Anniversary of the Empress of Russia Catherine the Great.

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