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APR 15, 2017

from 5 P.M. - 10 P.M.

Palm Desert,

CA 92260

Gen Y Network meets Extraordinary Generation Z!
Join us for a unique event to celebrate MUSIC, CREATIVITY, TALENT, and DIVERSITY together with the youngest and the boldest generation!
GENERATION Z is taking over Gen Y Network stage! 
Live Music, food, refreshments, great conversations, and a totally new fresh perspective on what’s going to happen next in this amazing world!


amazing singer, songwriter, and DJ - - LIZZA - - will be attending and PERFORMING LIVE during Extraordinary Z event!

What a great present for a younger generation, and a wonderful opportunity to meet with a world class musician! LIZZA is the winner of “Best Recording Artists”, and “Best Music Video Cinematography” awards at the Widescreen Music Video and Film Festival 2017, and she has just signed with one of the most influential dance labels in Europe - EGO Music Italy!

ARRIVE IN STYLE- pictures at The Gen Y Network wall

* MEET WITH OTHER GUESTS - enjoy drinks, delicious gourmet snacks, live music, and great conversations. Expand your personal and professional network!


* DO NOT FORGET to bring your business cards- you will need a lot of them to exchange with other guests, and drop one in our YELLOW box .

We will pull out one card, and the lucky owner will receive a free ticket to attend all our NETWORKING EVENTs through the whole year! 

Musicians and people representing MUSIC INDUSTRY are welcome, and will enjoy complementary free entrance. Please send an email to to request your free complementary entrance.


Forbes Magazine:
“Born after 1996, Gen Z has never known a world without smart phones and social media…With skyrocketing growth in biracial and minority populations, generation Z embraces multiculturalism as a touchstone of who they are, and this also informs their attitudes on social issues. They’ve come of age when same-sex marriage and a black president are a given and they expect continued social progress to reflect the ethnic diversity that is tightly woven throughout their lives.”

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