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MAY 7, 2018

from 7 P.M. 



SkyBar at Mondrian Hotel

8440 Sunset Boulevard

West Hollywood, CA 90069

Networking event. Because dating is a serious business.
Bring your date, find a date, or have a date with the city of Los Angeles!
The owners, and operators of dating businesses in Los Angeles are invited as special guests! WE NEED TO TALK! We want to know all about it!
Dress to impress, and don’t forget to bring your business card! Remember: people judge book by its cover, but they still need to read the book!
Several first guests will get a special present: a small gift from cosmetics company!

Having been the spot for the hottest nightlife and bar scenes from the day it opened, Skybar provides an idyllic oasis to take in the sun and enjoy impeccably fresh cocktails. When the sun sets, the pulse of Skybar beats even louder, stirring a seductive energy, aroused by world-class DJ’s and Hollywood glamour.

Gen Y Network collaborates with one of the most popular Facebook Groups in Los Angeles: Девичник Лос Анджелеса (GIRLS OF LOS ANGELES) to put together this wonderful event! 
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Age 21+

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